3 Tips To Spot The Scam Circulating On Instagram For Small Businesses

Coming across scams are inevitable, but learning how to avoid them is actually not that hard!

A new scam is targeting small businesses on social media, where they approach the account pretending to be Instagram or Meta and accuse the business of copyright violations

If the account falls for it, the scammer gets away with personal information that can cost quite a bit.


Social Media & Business Creative Strategist @alexhouseofsocial shared a few nifty pointers to keep in mind if you come across a potential scam…

3. The logo used

Several times the scammer has a logo that is blurry, or just not the correct one as the actual company they are trying to copy. So keep an eye out and observe the logo carefully.


2. The language used

Official communications from verified companies are rarely carried through Social media. However, in the rare chance they are, the messages do not have many repetitions, unlike the one seen below:

1. The verification

According to Alex, the biggest giveaway of whether this is a trusted source is simply the verification! AKA If they have the coveted blue tick or not.

Alex also added that Instagram and Meta will never DM for details, because they already have all the details they need!

She warns that there are many Instagram and FB scammers out there, but we need to be alert and not click on links or respond to these scammers. “Look at the finer details and you will know.”

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