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6 Reasons Why The New Samsung Wallet Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

6 Reasons Why The New Samsung Wallet Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier


Samsung is really going all out to make your life super convenient! This next upgrade is all set to ensure you aren’t being held down by any extra baggage while going around town.

Samsung Pay has just made the upgrade to Samsung Wallet, which can perform wayy more services than making payments!

That’s right people- Samsung Pay just got even better.

Just you and your Samsung against the world. Keep scrolling to check out all the things you can expect with your all-new Samsung Wallet.

6. It’s accepted in millions of places

Whether you’re in a store, doing some late-night online shopping from bed, or making purchases on your favourite apps- Samsung Wallet is all set to make all those payments…anytime, anywhere, anyhow because it’s accepted everywhere!


5. Making payments just got a lot quicker

Gone are the days when you needed to run around the house in search of your debit or credit card.

By selecting Samsung Wallet during checkout, all payments are made almost instantly with either a fingerprint, pin number or an iris scan. So it’s quite literally at the touch (or look) of a button!


4. Security, security, security

With great upgrades comes great responsibility…just ask Samsung.

Keeping all your important documents at the click of a button requires a great deal of trust and the Samsung Wallet is not about to break that.

  • Lost your phone? Just remotely lock or erase your Samsung Wallet account with the Find My Mobile (just activate the service in advance!)
  • Scared of fraud? Samsung Wallet has the SAME fraud protection that your bank gives your debit/credit card.
  • Data protection? The tokenization feature generates a unique code at each new transaction, so your real number is never used from the phone
  • Data storage? The Samsung Knox technology is that extra layer of safety! It constantly monitors your phone to keep all information safe. Plus, your card information is encrypted in a separate, secure data vault at all times.

Yup, they’ve pretty much thought of everything.



3. It can help you plan your payments

Good financial health is where it’s at!

The Samsung Wallet is all hands on deck to help you make some excellent financial decisions. Using the Pay Planner feature helps to get a better view of the way you spend. So you can finally plan and follow your daily, weekly and monthly budgets.


2. Enjoy access to special promos and discounts

“I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”- Samsung Wallet (AKA The Godfather… of your finance game)

Samsung Wallet allows you to get the best of values and benefits by giving you access to special promotions and discounts.

Plus, you can add multiple membership cards and it will showcase all the best deals for your transaction!


1. There’s a good chance your bank already supports Samsung Wallet

So now you know, why the delay?

Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards are allowed from almost all banks that are partnered with Samsung Wallet. (Hint: it’s all the major ones!)

So have no fear, and get tapping with Samsung Wallet!



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