Home Featured A Dubai Restaurant Offers A Free Meal After Spilling Liquid Nitrogen On A Diner

A Dubai Restaurant Offers A Free Meal After Spilling Liquid Nitrogen On A Diner

A Dubai Restaurant Offers A Free Meal After Spilling Liquid Nitrogen On A Diner


A diner at a high-end restaurant and lounge, Tabu, suffered minor burns from a liquid nitrogen accident that took place at the venue.

The Saudi resident, Aline Fleihan, who is on a visit to Dubai, took to social media to slam the restaurant for dropping a -196ºC tray of liquid nitrogen on her back: which resulted in instant burns all over the contact areas.

Earlier this week, Aline tweeted:

I am so frustrated and traumatised of what happened to me on Friday night as I was having dinner in Tabu #Dubai @Stregisdubai
where the waiter dropped a tray with liquid nitrogen on my back and caused burns all over my neck and back and I had to complete my night at the ER

Aline elaborated on how the injuries on her neck and back got very dry and itchy. She added that she constantly needs to bathe it in warm water and moisturise the damaged skin

Talking to The National, the diner explained how the doctor was shocked to hear of the incident.

He said I was very lucky to escape with nothing worse. If it had dropped on my face, I would have been blinded. 

The waiter was holding the tray above his head, loaded with drinks and plates of sushi.

It was not well balanced and it could have fallen on to him. It is not just a matter of client safety, but also the staff.

The restaurant management has since apologised for the mishap and offered Aline a complimentary meal for four at Tabu

In an email to The National, Japanese restaurant’s founder, David Lescarret wrote,

We are very sorry for our guest’s experience, following this unfortunate incident… The Tabu team immediately offered first aid and looked after our guest and we are in contact with her. We have been working closely with Dubai Municipality, identifying all precautionary measures in place.

Although the diner expressed her disappointment about the irresponsibility and ignorance of the management” via a tweet, the venue located in Downtown Dubai has assured that it is working with local authorities to ensure the accident on Friday never repeats. 

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