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Abu Dhabi Airport begins trial of facial recognition check in system

Abu Dhabi Airport begins trial of facial recognition check in system


Time to face the facts…

There’s no doubt that Abu Dhabi is a future-forward city, seeking to employ smart solutions and cutting edge technology wherever it makes sense. Recently, for example, we’ve had news about driverless taxis (which are about to embark on phase two trials) and high-speed trams on Yas Island.

And it’s this drive to create a world of tomorrow, along with nurturing an ecosystem that attracts, inspires and invests in innovators — that’s cementing the emirate’s position as a world leader in the advancement of technological applications. The result is, we get creative contraptions like the ones ‘gearing up’ for trials in Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) — biometric scanners that allow you to navigate immigration check points, use the self-service baggage drop, and access ares such as the business class lounge, and boarding gates all without having to whip your passport out.

It’s a project realised by Abu Dhabi based technology company NEXT50, in collaboration with ‘solutions partners’ IDEMIA and SITA. The trials will kick off in the Midfield Terminal Building and will streamline the on-boarding process, combat the use of fraudulent documents and well, look it’s just continuing the trend of technology being used to outsource tasks of mild human inconvenience. Fingers crossed for a ‘doing the bins’ robot soon.

Talking about the news, H.E. Eng. Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports said: “The phase one deployment of advanced biometrics at Abu Dhabi International Airport further cements our commitment to shape the future of airport experiences by delivering innovation and technology that drives efficiency, convenience and service excellence.”

“Upon final completion of the project, Abu Dhabi will be home to the world’s first airport to include every touch point in the biometric journey, providing travelers with a seamless, safe and secure passenger experience.”

Phase one of the trials sees a set of scanners being set up at United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) point in Abu Dhabi International Airport. It’s rather handily a US immigration service that allows passengers to clear US immigration while they are still in Abu Dhabi (the only one of its kind in the region). Paving the way for a quick and efficient airport experience when passengers get to the US.

Images: Etihad

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