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Amazing new attraction The Dubai Balloon launches on March 31

Amazing new attraction The Dubai Balloon launches on March 31


The Dubai Balloon offers views across the city…

Dubai is home to many a bucket list activity, from skydiving to helicopter rides but if you’re not in a position to splash serious cash on getting a snap of the best view of Dubai, brand new attraction, The Dubai Balloon, is set to solve your woes.

Bookings are now open for trips from Friday March 31, with tickets priced from Dhs175 for adults and Dhs75 for children. The Dubai Balloon will take passengers up to 300 metres high, offering impressive views across the city. It’s prime location in Palm Jumeirah means that you’ll be able to see as far out as Burj Khalifa and beyond on a clear day.

In a first for Dubai, this huge balloon uses condensed helium gas to lift up from the ground, rather than hot air to push it up. Up to 30 passengers at a time will rise up from a doughnut-shaped platform, which they can walk around in to get the best views of the city and the sea.

The height that you’ll reach to during your flight will depend on weather conditions, as the balloon needs minimal wind to fly. On most days, you can expect to reach between 150 and 200 metres in height, or even higher in perfect weather.

Once the 10-minute flight comes to an end, the tethered rope will gently pull the balloon back down to ground level. After this, guests can enjoy a hot or cold beverage in the chic coffee bar, which lives above the gift shop. The space features three outdoor terraces, all with prime views of the balloon as it takes its next flight.


Visitors of all ages can enjoy the ride, and kids under the age of three go free. For adults, it’s Dhs175 for a regular pass or Dhs75 for children. There’s also a fast pass ticket for priority boarding, as well as a complimentary beverage in The Dubai Balloon lounge, priced at Dhs275 for adults and Dhs125 for children.

The Dubai Balloon, Aquaventure, Atlantis, The Palm, daily 9am to 7pm. thedubaiballoon.com / @thedubaiballoon

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