An Emirati Fashion Designer Had Her Design Ripped Off By Shein

If you go on YouTube, you’ll find many content creators trying on clothes they purchased from major fashion brands and its alternate or ‘dupe’ by Shein. It’s no secret that you can definitely find the same style of clothing for much cheaper on Shein.

You can find an authentic design by Zara and find the same item on the fast-fashion website.

Fatma Al Mulla, the founder of the local fashion label FMM, noticed her design being copied and sold on Shein

Local and regional brands put so much effort into their designs only to be ripped off by major brands

She posted a series of stories on the matter. She had heard time and time again that if her design is being copied, then she must be doing something right. However, these local brands are putting so much time, money, effort, and energy into designing their pieces, only for other brands to take credit and sell them for cheap.

Brands like Shein are massive. They have investors, huge funding, and make a lot of profits when a lot of their designs are copied by other brands. “Regional and local designers don’t have that,” she added. Her dress design with the white flower details is copied, from the applique to the neckline, length and the sleeves.

Fatma concluded her “rant” by saying she’ll be letting God take it from here.

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