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An Icy Debate On Teeth Sensitivity

An Icy Debate On Teeth Sensitivity


What do these items have in common? Vanilla-bean ice cream and ice-cold mint mojito. Other than the fact that they’re both totally delicious in their own way, they can give you some serious brain freeze and hurt your teeth if they’re rather sensitive.

Now the only way we can handle brain freeze is by consuming the cold beverage or food slowly. But what can we do about the teeth hurting thing?

We’ve seen ads that there’s toothpaste on the market that tackles sensitive teeth and it’s very much dentist-approved!

Enter: Sensodyne!

Sensodyne has made it so you can enjoy all the ice-cold pleasures of life because life’s too short for sensitive teeth


You should be able to eat and drink whatever you want no matter how cold it is. And isn’t that the beauty of life? Sensodyne will protect your teeth from the dental pains caused by cold foods and allow you to actually enjoy them!

Now here’s a serious question; do you bite your lick your ice cream?

Sensodyne won’t judge if you’re a biter, in fact, it’ll help you bite your ice cream so you won’t get that harsh pain in your teeth. It’s the #1 brand recommended by dentists for those who have sensitive teeth. It has active ingredients that shield and soothe the nerve where there’s exposed dentine. You can finally be carefree and not careful about what you wanna enjoy!

This dentist-recommended toothpaste will alleviate any pain you had from biting your ice cream or sipping the minty fresh ice-cold mojito because isn’t life just too short to avoid your life’s smallest pleasures?



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