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Azizi Developments Accelerates Digital Transformation Journey – Dubai Blog

Azizi Developments Accelerates Digital Transformation Journey – Dubai Blog


Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is advancing rapidly in its digital transformation journey through the implementation of several new IT solutions, effectively enhancing its operational efficiency and raising the level of convenience, transpareny and overall service quality for its stakholders, with its investors and end-users benefiting the most. The developer has deployed several new cutting-edge tools, with more to follow that are currently in development.

Notably, Azizi has introduced its very own mobile app, used by all of its sales staff, enabling faster lead qualification and simplified allocation. This has resulted in a 50% increase in the success ratio. Moreover, all customer data is now securely stored in the Aura cloud, allowing for a comprehensive profile recognition during incoming calls and having led toa30% increase in call attendance. This allows Azizi’s diligent customer care staff to now service clients much more swiftly and attentively.

Azizi is also in the process of developing a new website with an integrated design to boost international page views by 40%, to extend the average time spent on each page by 50%, and to decrease the bounce rate by 70% by making content tailored and more fitting to viewers’ individual needs.

Azizi’s Vortex CAFM solution has been customized to enhance efficiency, having resulted in a 32% faster closure of work orders and thus a substantially heightened customer satisfaction. Lastly, client post-sales cases have been digitalized, allowing for seamless processing of requests such as name changes, swaps, and consolidations, with a remarkable 50% faster turnaround time and closure.

In his comments Mr. Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said: “Our unwavering commitment to being a tech-driven, stakeholder-centric developer remains key. Through our increasingly extensive digital workflows, we continuously strive to deliver improved and expedited quality services to our valued stakeholders, with our main focus being our investors and end-users.By optimizing employee efficiency, streamlining internal and external processes, and leveraging the power of the most advanced digital solutions, we ensure a seamless and efficient experience for all. Our robust innovation framework drives us towards operational excellence as we implement cutting-edge digital tools that address existing challenges and elevate our overall efficiency.As part of our growth strategy, we also prioritize investing in comprehensive training for our staff to ensure their proficiency in navigating the digital landscape. We look forward to unveiling more success stories, rooted in our digital roadmap,in the near future.”

Azizi Developments’ Sales Gallery can be visited on the 13th floor of the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.


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