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Chef Soo Yong Kim’s Le Dangereux is now open on Saadiyat Island

Chef Soo Yong Kim’s Le Dangereux is now open on Saadiyat Island


Fine dining has a brand new address…

Foodies in the capital, take note! Mamsha Al Saadiyat has welcomed a shiny new addition to its roster of exquisite dining experiences you need to know about. Le Dangereux has, at long last, opened its doors on the stunning island destination.

The patron of this exciting new change is none other than celebrated Korean-American chef Soo Yong Kim, a culinary class act and the mind behind several such premium gastronomic concepts across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. His newest venture, an ode to his creative and culinary panache, is as unique as it gets.

The story

Le Dangereux is the flagship of the six highly-awaited concepts set to be launched across the capital by White Hospitality Group, the company of which the award-winning chef is the CEO. A reimagining of French cuisine, this ship is being helmed by Soo Yong himself as Executive Chef, in collaboration with culinary powerhouses of their own right, Llorenc Sagarra as co-chef and Dani Lasa. The restaurant seeks to change the definition of ‘fine dining’, presenting as an amalgamation of the decorated careers of all three chefs.

A visit to one of the chef’s homes is what your visit to Le Dangereux is meant to feel like. The phrase “farm to table” has never been more accurate, with the all produce being sourced from the 113,000 sqm farm in Yas Island. Meaning, the restaurant will grow and harvest every ingredient in the kitchen.

The venue

Le Dangereux

Located on the most visually pleasing strip of Saadiyat Island, the venue is elegance personified. It fuses the old and the new seamlessly with traditional Victorian elements paired with contemporary aesthetics – a tribute to the past, the present and the future.

A floor-to-ceiling LCD column serves as a three-dimensional curved platform for live performances and displaying post-modern artworks stands as the highlight.

What’s On the menu

Very much true to the individuality of Soo Yong’s culinary approach and creative flair, Le Dangereux strays away from the concept of a conventional menu offering and instead, chooses to engage diners in an experience tailor-made for the duration of their visit.

Don’t expect the typical three-course meal experience. The fine dining of ‘now’ is a personal connection and regales the guest with the story of how it came to be. Guests at Le Dangereux will take a look behind the curtain, witnessing the narrative of the creative process.

Among the menu options, there is the ‘Treats’ menu, which is, like the name says, a collection of nibbles that one can enjoy with friends and family when something simple yet luxurious is the memo.

Dishes like caviar 2.0, oysters and steak, and prawn and yellowtail are just some of the delectable-sounding options on this set.

Le Dangereux

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The ‘Feast’ menu is the champion of the single ingredient, taking a singular item and spinning it five different ways. Meant to highlight the versatility of said ingredient, the interpretations take varied forms. Like the black foot French poulet rouge is transformed into a dry-aged whole leg, a sous vide roulade of breasts, a foie-infused liver mousse and wood-fired grilled gizzards paired with Opus 1 jus de poulet.

Le Dangereux

Finally, the ‘Le Excursion’ menu, the biggest gun of the three, is a full-fledged 15 to 30-course tasting menu alongside the opening June menu. A journey meant to reflect the personal paths of Soo Yong and Llorenc, it reflects the beginning, middle and present of their careers in food.

We can’t wait to dine here!

Le Dangereux, Mamsha Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, Tue to Sun from 6pm. Tel: (0)2 635 5538. @dangereux.ae 

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