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ONLYwebinars.com is hosting a webinar on 15 November 2022 at 8 am ET, 1 pm UK and 5 pm UAE

According to Sharad Agarwal, Chief Metaverse Officer of Cyber Gear, “We not only have to prepare our children for the future, more importantly, we have to prepare the future for our children.”

The climate crisis demands substantive, clear and simplified methods for billions of people to engage in solving it. Humankind is at an ‘all hands-on deck’ moment, and Web3 and blockchain technology can help to change the story.

The answer begins with transparently exposing all data, with all processes, payments and carbon credits on chain so that we move beyond the “trust us we’re experts” charade that the previous generations of carbon credits companies have used as a way to complicate, obfuscate and limit participation to the point that they’ve perhaps done more harm than measurable good.

Join carbon expert Josh Knauer, blockchain impact expert Erin Grover and impact entrepreneur Dr. Jane Thomason to understand how we can rise and heal nature at scale in the midst of this global crisis.

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About ONLY webinars

ONLYwebinars.com was launched by Cyber Gear in 2020 to assist organisations to design, host, and promote webinars online.

Webinars have become the best way to reach and engage an audience. Over 60% of B2B Marketers are already using webinars as part of a lead nurture campaign. More than 75% of digital marketers believe that webinars are the most effective or among the top content marketing strategies available.

Webinars are ideal for boosting brand awareness and legitimacy, turning prospects into customers, and increasing revenue. Most businesses have turned to online platforms to communicate effectively with their stakeholders. All touchpoints of communication are becoming contactless and webinars offer a great way to promote products and services online.

Contact Information:

Sharad Agarwal

Founder, ONLYwebinars.com

Tel: +971506449103

Email: sharad@cyber-gear.io



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