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Dubai Announces Amnesty-Style Visa-Overstay Campaign

Dubai Announces Amnesty-Style Visa-Overstay Campaign


If you know someone who has overstayed their visa in Dubai, this is the news from them…

The Official General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs account announced that a stand will be set up in Deira City Centre for 3 days aimed at promoting compliance with entry and residence laws.

From February 25-27, anyone with visa violations and overstay queries can visit from 10am – 10pm and a team is armed and ready to provide you with helpful solutions. In a conversation with ARN, the GDRFA asked people not to be afraid to come forward, if they have family or financial difficulties, the aim of the GDRFA is to help solve your problem with helpful solutions.

“We are committed to working hand in hand with you and for you!”

The campaign wants to help you find solutions to your overstay problems

Lieutenant Colonel Salem bin Ali, Director of the Client Happiness Department at GDRFA told ARN there is a solution to help EVERYONE to improve their status.

He said, “don’t be afraid to visit us. We are going to find a solution to clear your problem, we have a clear order from our leadership… to help everyone…. to try and solve their problem, try and find a solution.”

The Colonel added that even if you have financial difficulties, they have connections with other government bodies and they will aim to find a solution for you.

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