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Dubai Bling Season 2 Is Confirmed!

Dubai Bling Season 2 Is Confirmed!


Just in: Netflix confirms Dubai Bling is coming back for season 2. The marmite show launched in October and went on to global success, trending in the Global Top 10 for Non-English series for four weeks in a row and reaching the top 10 list in 47 countries around the world.

Introducing audiences around the world to new levels of opulence, opportunities and outrageous outbursts, Dubai Bling offers behind the scenes access to 10 of Dubai’s self-made millionaires as they live their decadent lives. Set against the backdrop of luxury cars, runway-fresh fashion, exotic resorts and exclusive access to the city’s most popular restaurants and late night hotspots.


The show grabbed attention worldwide and sat on the trending list for weeks

Show moments went viral thanks to a hilarious cast who didn’t hold back

But what about a new cast? Plot twists? & New storylines?! You want the tea, but Netflix is keeping all-new cast deets on the QT for now. Watch this space!

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