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Dubai could be getting two major new rail systems

Dubai could be getting two major new rail systems


The RTA has signed two MoUs to develop a new duo rail and a rail bus system…

If you’ve been struggling with the current Dubai traffic levels, you’re not alone. But two major new rail systems could be developed to make commuting across Dubai all the more seamless.

That’s because Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed two memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with UK-based Urban-Mass Company and US-born Rail Bus Inc to develop a pair of new transport systems for the city.

Although this doesn’t mean they will definitely be built, it’s a step forward in exploring new, modern transport options to help visitors and residents travel around town.

The first MoU relates to a brand new Floc Duo Rail system to be developed alongside Urban Mass. This mode of transport is a double-track system, that allow pod-like carriages to move swiftly and efficiently from A to B. Described as the ‘world’s first innovative transport system,’ it’s an electrically-powered, driverless system that would use short units during quieter times and long units during peak travel periods to meet the city’s needs efficiently.

The second MoU could see Dubai get its own rail bus system, with pods travelling along bridges, with electricity generated through solar power to operate the system. As well as its eco-friendly operation, the rail bus is also more cost effective than similar transport systems of this nature.

Although no routes, images unveiled by state news agency, wam, show that the new duo rail system could operate around Downtown, with the futuristic, pod-like units seen to be zipping around a Burj-facing building.

The MoUs were signed on Thursday January 18 as part of the annual Dubai International Project Management Forum.

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