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Dubai Municipality Concludes The Summer Environmental Education Program 2023 – Dubai Blog

Dubai Municipality Concludes The Summer Environmental Education Program 2023 – Dubai Blog


Dubai Municipality concluded the Summer Environmental Education Program 2023, organized under the theme ‘A Fun and Sustainable Summer,’ with the participation of 45 children of municipal employees aged between 8 and 11 years old. The program enabled students to spend their leisure time during the summer vacation by participating in various theoretical and practical activities in environmental and scientific fields. The initiative aimed at encouraging young children to be part of the efforts in promoting proactive environmental protection concepts and preserving the sustainability of natural resources.

Aisha Al Murr Al Muhairi, Acting Director of Environmental Sustainability Department at Dubai Municipality, highlighted theMunicipality’s efforts to raise environmental awareness among various segments of society by organizing and planning educational programs and activities aimed at promoting concepts of environmental awareness and sustainability, as well as developing environmental skills and values that aid in the regulation of individual behavior, particularly among young people. Dubai Municipality aims at contributing to the formation of a generation that is aware of environmental issues and difficulties and is capable of making decisions that allow for the proper utilization of resources in order to preserve the environment.

Al Muhairi said: “The Summer Environmental Education Program included various theoretical activities, such as lectures and environmental education workshops that followed an interesting educational template, as well as practical activities, such as field trips to environmental sites in Dubai, as well as live practical experiences within and around these locations. The program further focused on environmental sustainability, developing environmental personality and creative thinking, learning about the local environment, and how to use technology to promote natural resource sustainability and environmental preservation.”

The program’s targeted areas included a visit to Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve and the Wasit Nature Reserve in Sharjah to raise awareness of the importance of nature reserves and the preservation of their resources, as well as a visit to the Fish Hospital at Atlantis Dubai and a detailed workshop on sea turtles to raise awareness of the importance of preserving living organisms in the environment.

Furthermore, the Municipality also organized a visit to the Sarouqal-Hadid, the Museum of the Future, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, with the goal of raising awareness on local environmental heritage and technologies with the potential sustain environmental resources for the future, as well as visits the AlRawabi Factory, Modern Food Factory, and Al Warsan Plants Nursery in Dubai to promote the concept of positive environmental practices in local industries, as well as recreational opportunities in Sharjah at the Rain Room and the Dolphin Show at Dubai’s Creek Park.


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