Home Brand Spot Etchcraft Emporium: The Personalized Blend of Craftsmanship and Love

Etchcraft Emporium: The Personalized Blend of Craftsmanship and Love

Etchcraft Emporium: The Personalized Blend of Craftsmanship and Love

In a world where mass production often lacks personal touch, two visionary individuals, Aghav Bansal and Vidhan Jain, aimed to bring back the essence of personalization in everyday items. Founded in 2019, Etchcraft Emporium is an embodiment of their desire to create products that connect closely to human hearts.

Etchcraft Emporium, the brainchild of Bansal and Jain, is now recognized for its minimal yet sophisticated designs in jewelry and watches, valued at $5 million. Their endeavor has been focused on empowering individuals to express their uniqueness through their choice of accessories.

Despite being a relatively new player in the market, the company has designed over 100 distinctive pieces, each embodying an intrinsic charm that speaks to the customer’s personal style. This uniqueness is what they believe would make people across the globe wear Etchcraft Emporium products with pride and joy.

However, scaling to a global level presents its unique set of challenges. As per the founders, the biggest one being the slow pace at which their product reach expands. They believe patience is their best ally in this journey, with their eyes set firmly on their 2023 goal: ensuring that their meticulously crafted, high-quality products reach as many corners of the world as possible.

Interestingly, Etchcraft Emporium’s clientele isn’t limited to everyday people; it includes renowned personalities too. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and eminent actor Manoj Bajpayee are among the celebrities who have adorned Etchcraft’s designs. The brand also boasts a connection to various artists from the world of short films.

Looking ahead, the founders of Etchcraft Emporium have their plans cut out. Expansion and massive reach form the cornerstone of their future projects. They intend to keep the creation process at the forefront, maintaining a singular focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. After all, nothing brings more satisfaction to them than seeing a smile spread across their customer’s face.

Acknowledging the importance of personal interaction in shopping, Etchcraft Emporium has established a physical presence in several locations. In this digital era, they are firm believers in the integration of shopping with an experience that radiates love and a sense of belonging.

All said and done, Etchcraft Emporium is more than just a brand. It’s a philosophy, a commitment to bring a bit of joy and lots of love in each product they create, aiming to make the world a bit more personalized, one piece of jewelry or watch at a time. The vision of Bansal and Jain is to spread smiles globally, and with Etchcraft Emporium, they seem to be well on their path.


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