Home Brand Spot From blogger to actors and producers of “NADA Production”

From blogger to actors and producers of “NADA Production”

From blogger to actors and producers of “NADA Production”

Today we decided to talk in more detail about “NOTHING Production” and how, from the ordinary content of the bloggers, he decided to create a complete production to film movies, series, clips and other video material.

Aghajanyan Arthur Davidovich after moving to Moscow, there were many events related to the development of different directions, one of the most important is the launch of the NADA ecosystem, which will lead even more to the desire to create their own production.

Any great idea gathers around people who are just as obsessed with such a thing, especially when it comes to art and creativity.

This is how the production team of NADA appeared, co-founded by a young and promising cameraman and director Timur Alimov. This is how the road in the film industry began.

The first work was a short film “Offside the Game”, which after a long filming was never born, but having gained experience, Arthur and Timur decided to implement a new project with the code name “Find Yourself”

5 episodes were filmed, many difficulties, postponements, change of script, plot, actors and much more, which prevented the release of the last sixth episode. But soon, the team should take care of and complete what began.

Then there were many commercial projects. According to Artur Davidovich, thanks to Alimov Shahrukh and with the help of Gundarev Evgeny, he and Tim and the NADA production team managed to compete with brands such as Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, Range Rover and others.

The path of “NADA Production” in the film industry has just begun, but they have already established themselves as a strong team that works with the soul to obtain results.

P.S. Thanks to all those who have been and are involved in the development of “NOTHING”, whose ecosystem is aimed at creation.
See you again, with respect, Artur Aghajanyan…


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