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Here are the Fixtures for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Here are the Fixtures for the FIFA World Cup 2022


It’s almost time for the kick-off of the beautiful game…

If you have lived under a rock the last month or so then you probably aren’t aware that the FIFA World Cup is kicking off on Sunday November 20. While we are extremely hyped with all of the fantastic artists performing during the World Cup and also all of the sports bars and fan zones that will be hosting us – arguably the most important part of the World Cup are the teams and when they’re playing. So, here are all of the fixtures and timings for the FIFA World Cup.

Group Stages

Sunday, November 20

Qatar vs Ecuador – Time: 8pm

Monday, November 21

England vs Iran: 5pm

Senegal vs Netherlands: 8pm

USA vs Wales: 11pm

Tuesday, November 22

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: 2pm

Denmark vs Tunisia: 5pm

Mexico vs Poland: 8pm

France vs Australia: 11pm

Wednesday, November 23

Morocco vs Croatia: 2pm

Germany vs Japan: 5pm

Spain vs Costa Rica: 8pm

Belgium vs Canada: 11pm

Thursday, November 24

Switzerland vs Cameroon: 2pm

Uruguay vs South Korea: 5pm

Portugal vs Ghana : 8pm

Brazil vs Serbia: 11pm

Friday, November 25

Wales vs Iran: 2pm

Qatar vs Senegal: 5pm

Netherlands vs Ecuador: 8pm

England vs USA: 11pm

Saturday, November 26

Tunisia vs Australia: 2pm

Poland vs Saudi Arabia: 5pm

France vs Denmark: 8pm

Argentina vs Mexico: 11pm

Sunday, November 27

Japan vs Costa Rica: 2pm

Belgium vs Morocco: 5pm

Croatia vs Canada: 8pm

Spain vs Germany: 11pm

Monday, November 28

Cameroon vs Serbia: 2pm

South Korea vs Ghana: 5pm

Brazil vs Switzerland: 8pm

Portugal vs Uruguay: 11pm

Tuesday, November 29

Ecuador vs Senegal: 7pm

Netherlands vs Qatar: 7pm

Iran vs USA: 11pm

Wales vs England: 11pm

Wednesday, November 30

Tunisia vs France: 7pm

Australia vs Denmark: 7pm

Poland vs Argentina: 11pm

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: 11pm

Thursday, December 1

Croatia vs Belgium: 7pm

Canada vs Morocco : 7pm

Japan vs Spain : 11pm

Costa Rica vs Germany: 11pm

Friday, December 2

South Korea vs Portugal: 7pm

Ghana vs Uruguay: 7pm

Serbia vs Switzerland: 11pm

Cameroon vs Brazil: 11pm

Round of 16

Saturday, December 3

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Sunday, December 4

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Monday, December 5

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Tuesday, December 6

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm


Friday, December 9

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Saturday, December 10

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

TBD vs TBD: 11pm


Tuesday, December 13

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Wednesday, December 14

TBD vs TBD: 11pm

Third place play-off

Saturday, December 17

TBD vs TBD: 7pm


Sunday, December 18

TBD vs TBD: 7pm

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