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Here Are The Most Bizarre Frequently Asked Questions On Google About Dubai

Here Are The Most Bizarre Frequently Asked Questions On Google About Dubai


You know these celebrity interviews where the questions are pulled out of Google? Well, today’s guest is Dubai! People have a lot of weird questions about the city as you’ll see on Google.

If you scroll down on any Google search, you’ll find the ‘People also ask’ section, which will show you questions on the topic.

Lovin Dubai types in ‘Dubai’ to see what bizarre questions people have about the city… here we go

Question 1. Can you drink alcohol in Dubai?

As you feed the birds in the park? No. But you most certainly can in designated places like restaurants, bars or hotels or in the comfort of your own home.


Question 2. What country owns Dubai?

Owns is a weird word in this case. Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital city. You’ll be astonished by how many people don’t know that or where the UAE even is on a map.

There was a question further down the list that says “What is the capital of Dubai?” and for that, we have no answer.


Question 3. Why is Dubai rich?

When people think of Dubai, they think it’s rich because of all that oil money. Dubai’s GDP in Q1 of 2022, electricity, gas (petrol) and water supply account for 2.3% as per the stats shared by Emirati content creator Ebrahim.

Consider the investments and tourism that are driving people to Dubai!


Question 4. Is Saudi Arabia and Dubai the same?

You know when the teacher says there are no stupid questions… anyway, if the question is asking if Saudi Arabia and Dubai are the same country, then the answer is no.

If the question is asking whether the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the city of Dubai have similarities, then the answer is kind of.

Saudi and the UAE are both part of the GCC countries and if you’ve never seen either, you might mistake them for each other, sure.


Question 5. What language do they speak in Dubai?

As in what’s the local language? It’s Arabic.

What languages are used in Dubai? The most common is English and then every language in the world is used there because it’s extremely diverse.

Of course, Google’s answer is just Arabic.


Question 6. Do you have to wear Hijab in Dubai?

No. You’re allowed to wear it or not wear it, entirely your choice!


Bonus question: What is Dubai’s nickname?

For that, we had to Google the answer and apparently its Gulf Tiger…



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