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International Cocaine “Super Cartel” Dethroned

International Cocaine “Super Cartel” Dethroned


Wads of cash, watches, cars, villas… This is the footage of a European cocaine “super cartel” dethroned thanks to a combined effort between multiple international organizations. 49 arrests were made in total, with six arrests made in Dubai.

Operation ‘Desert Light’ was a global effort to bring dozens of fugitives to justice. The operation, which involved the UAE’s Ministry of Interior, represented by Dubai Police, in collaboration with Europol, a number of European countries, and the United States, resulted in the arrest of 49 members of a transnational gang engaged in cross-border money laundering and drug trafficking.

Well done Police, for keeping our streets safe 🙌

WATCH THE LOVIN DUBAI SHOW: International Drugs “Super Cartel” Dethroned In Dubai


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