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JVC Residents Unite In An Effort To Save A Beloved Stray Cat From Relocation

JVC Residents Unite In An Effort To Save A Beloved Stray Cat From Relocation


Residents of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) are rallying together to save a special furry friend who has been living in front of the hood’s Circle Mall since the mall’s inception. This beloved stray cat has become a fixture of the community and is known by many as an unofficial “security guard” for the mall.

However, it has recently come to the community’s attention that the mall management or pest control is planning to remove her from her home. This news has caused great concern among members of the community at JVC who have grown to care for her over the years.

Animal lovers in the community took to social media groups to flag the traps set up (that are now removed) in the basement to capture the cat for relocation purposes

*Relocating felines could prove to be highly ineffective and even dangerous as they attempt to find their way back to their territory. 

The cat in question is a spayed female who is around 10 years old and has been living in front of the mall since it first opened

She is not in the best of health and is considered an “old lady” by those who know her well. The residents fear that if the cat is removed, she may not survive for long.

In response to this news, JVC residents are urging the mall management and Nakheel (the developer of JVC) to reconsider removing the cat and instead promote her as an official mall security cat after Ramadan.

The residents’ plea for help has not gone unnoticed…

A Nakheel spokesperson exclusively issued a statement to Lovin Dubai saying,

Nakheel prioritises the safety of its shoppers at all of its mall locations, as well as adhering to health and safety rules, in addition to local animal welfare guidelines. We were made aware of concerns around a stray cat at Circle Mall in JVC. We can confirm that the cat is safe and well.

While the statement is reassuring, it is not clear whether the cat will be allowed to continue living in front of the mall or if she will be removed.

This heartwarming story is a reminder of the impact that animals can have on our lives and communities. The JVC residents’ campaign to save this cat shows that sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference.

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