Lovin Dubai Rebrands As Dubai Solutions

Lovin Dubai loves Dubai.

The brand is nearly seven years old, and to date, our focus has remained the same: To share the very best of this city, informing using bitesize news, viral content, and community stories. Now, there are lots of other little Lovins; Lovin Abu Dhabi, Lovin RAK, and Lovin Sharjah, and more Lovins further afield, local news pages telling the story of the city.

Until now…

Recently, there’s been too much negativity. Too much hate in comments, too many ‘first world problems’, too many complaints and gripes aimed at Dubai … and that brings Lovin to this point.

Do you have a problem? We have a solution!

So, on the 1st of April, 2022, Lovin Dubai is officially rebranding as Dubai Solutions to help people build a bridge and get over life’s little problems. 


We will be changing our website to Dubai Solutions and all our social accounts!

This will take some time, so be sure to check back again tomorrow. Until then, here are the problems we’re working on RN

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