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Lovin Dubai World Cup Puppy Predictions With Debbie The Dog!

Lovin Dubai World Cup Puppy Predictions With Debbie The Dog!


The results are in!

Debbie, the dog has been hard at work. She’s been rating players, analyzing managers and studying the schedule to prepare her elusive findings.

And she’s made her decision.

Debbie is doing World Cup predictions and she KNOWS who’s going to win the World Cup. She was down at ISD this weekend, and she’s now prepared to share her findings with Lovin Dubai.

Watch: World Cup Day 2 Puppy Predictions with Debbie, the Dog

Netherlands VS Senegal

England VS Iran

USA VS Wales

Skip to 1.10 to see what Debbie thinks

Debbie says:

Netherlands VS Senegal – Netherlands

England VS Iran – Iran

USA VS Wales – USA

Stay tuned to see who Debbie thinks will win the World Cup

There’s a huge family-friendly fan zone in Sports City

64 matches will be broadcast live on 3 high-definition 4K mega screens, set on a full-size, natural grass football pitch. There’ll be live music, with English sing-along bands, a Brazilian samba band, DJs, and more to make sure this is hopping from start to finish.

Activities for all ages, including an area dedicated to kids with football-themed games, face-painting and castles. A 5-a-side World Cup will also be going on for the littlies!

Book your tickets in advance ASAP!

Easy access, plenty of free parking with over 1,200 car capacity

Tickets can be purchased at www.isdfanzone.com or on the ISD BE App, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Playstore.

For more information call (055 365 7076).

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Football fans are getting closer to the World Cup season they’ve all been so eagerly waiting for. Excitement is in the air.

Venues around the city are being set up to provide a spirited FIFA experience for fans, serving top-notch food and beverages to go along with the intensity of the matches.

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