Home Featured “Ramadan Working Hours Apply To Everyone In The UAE”

“Ramadan Working Hours Apply To Everyone In The UAE”

“Ramadan Working Hours Apply To Everyone In The UAE”


“Ramadan Working Hours Apply To Everyone In The UAE”

A Dubai-based lawyer is dishing out facts on TikTok.

Ahmed Odeh or @Lawbyodeh is getting clicks for his latest video which describes the Ramadan hour laws here in the UAE. In the video, he states that “Ramadan Working Hours Apply To Everyone In The UAE”.

In Ramadan, the working hours are reduced by two hours per day, so that means you work for 6 hours per day. “Even if you don’t have a single Muslim in your company, the employer must stick to the Ramadan working hours, whether they like it or not.”

*It’s worth noting, the UAE labour law applies to mainland companies and there are some exceptions for those working in free zone areas. For example, the law does not apply to non-Muslims working in DIFC.

Ahmed delivers helpful bitesize content to help residents navigate the legal system here in the UAE


@lawbyodeh End of service dues: – Any unpaid salary including salary during the notice period – any unsuued annual leave if you have been working in the company nore than six months – Gratuity ( check gratuity calculator here https://dda.gov.ae/en/gratuity-calculator/gratuity-calculator) – experience certificate – one way ticket back to home country if you are exiting the UAE #uaelaw #dubailawyer #uaelawyer #MOHRE #uaelabourlaw ♬ original sound – Ahmed Odeh

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