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Robots Could Soon Be Delivering Your Food In Dubai

Robots Could Soon Be Delivering Your Food In Dubai


AI is becoming more and more intelligent as the name suggests. It’s doing tasks that people can do, only a lot faster and sometimes more efficiently. Some people believe AI will, or have, taken the jobs of regular folks. It’s not just things like ChatGBT writing essays for students, it’s also robots performing surgeries and… making food deliveries?

RTA, in partnership with Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority and Talabat UAE, have worked together to test out food delivery robots!

Dubai is testing out autonomous food delivery robots called ‘talabots’

The robots are designed to cover short-distance deliveries, which will increase efficiency, fleet optimisation and reduce carbon emissions – FANCY!

These robots are in the trial period in Silicon Oasis

The first phase of the trial will introduce 3 ‘talabots’ to serve residents of Cedre Villas in Silicon Oasis. The robots will travel within a 3-kilometre radius of the Cedre shopping Centre and deliver the items within 15 minutes.

Customers can track their deliveries through an app and receive notifications when their orders are ready for collection (because it can’t ring a doorbell but maybe in the future). The robots are designed to operate safely and securely, with tamper-proof locks and alarms to prevent theft or vandalism. It’s also in line with Dubai’s efforts to switch 25% of all trips to be smart and driverless by 2030.

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