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Sharjah’s 4-Day Work Week Is Deemed A Success!

Sharjah’s 4-Day Work Week Is Deemed A Success!


A 4-day work week has IMPROVED productivity in Sharjah, according to a new report by Sharjah Executive Council which said productivity, satisfaction, and happiness of employees increased by almost 90%.

The new report shows that productivity increased by 88%, attendance has increased by 74%, job satisfaction is up by 90% and 87% of employees like the reduction of one working day per week has had a positive effect on their mental health.

This is the second time a comprehensive report has been created to determine the benefits of a 4-day work week in Sharjah and it’s the second time the findings have been resoundingly positive.

Sick days have significantly decreased

Not just that, there’s been a 46% decline in sick leave AND customer satisfaction rates are up, with 85% of customers saying the speed of transactions has improved. Finally, the report says the employees are using their free time to go to social events, work out, put time into their hobbies and passions, and even complete their education.

Quitting my Dubai job and moving to Sharjah like…


The Lovin Dubai Show: Sharjah’s 4-Day Work Is Deemed… A Success!


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