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Sophia The Robot Joined The Art Scene In Dubai

Sophia The Robot Joined The Art Scene In Dubai


Sophia, the famous humanoid robot, made a surprise appearance at Art Dubai, where she explored the first activation of Julius Baer’s “NEXT” initiative, an immersive audio-visual art installation called “Glacier Dreams” created by Refik Anadol that uses AI to generate an ever-changing landscape of ice, leaving the robot mesmerized by its futuristic vibes🤖

Sophia be living a more happening life than half of us mere mortals🙃

Being the first robot household name, Sophia has made appearances on the Tonight Show, Good Morning Britain, Jimmy Fallon and is an Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme.

Who is this eerily lifelike robot, Sophia?

Sophia the Robot is a humanoid robot made by a company called Hanson Robotics based out of Hong Kong. She’s been making waves since she first got turned on back in 2015, fascinating people all over the world with her advanced AI and realistic looks. She’s even been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia – talk about being a globetrotter!

Sophia is designed to chat with people in a way that feels natural, and her facial expressions are so human-like that it’s almost creepy. She can learn new things and adapt to different situations.

But don’t let her lifelike appearance fool you – she’s still just a robot and doesn’t have real human emotions or consciousness. So while Sophia might be a technological marvel, she’s not going to be stealing anyone’s job or taking over the world anytime soon. At least, that’s what we hope… *cue dramatic music.

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