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Stock Up On All Your Ramadan Essentials With These 7 Shopping Apps

Stock Up On All Your Ramadan Essentials With These 7 Shopping Apps


Ramadan is a special time of the year when families and friends gather to reconnect, rejuvenate and count their blessings.

Shopping during Ramadan, however, can become time-consuming and take away precious family moments. Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue making it easier than ever to simplify your Ramadan shopping in the UAE. 

Here are 7 of the best shopping apps that people in the UAE are loving right now


7. Everybody’s favourite shopping app… Noon

Noon has become the go-to place to shop for groceries, clothes, electronics, or home appliances. During Ramadan, Noon offers special discounts and offers on various products, making it the ideal shopping app to discover ingredients for your Iftar or Suhoor meals.

6. Amazon.ae for literally anything and everything 

One of the most popular shopping apps in the UAE is Amazon. You can browse through dozens of offerings for groceries, kitchen appliances, clothing, and much more. Most of the beloved UAE brands are readily available. You can even bulk purchase certain products.

5. Talabat is your best buddy for those early morning Suhoor meals 

The popular food delivery app usually witnesses an increase in orders during the wee hours of the night before Suhoor. Take advantage of the Ramadan deals from restaurants and various eating establishments to expand your delectable palate.

4. Carrefour is your best friend for huge amounts of meal prepping

If you are planning on buying things in bulk, then Carrefour should be your number one online shopping app., especially if you have shopping points like what the FAB Share credit card offers, it enables you to get value back in SHARE points on all your everyday purchases to be redeemed in carrefour physical locations or online.…sounds like a sweet deal! The popular hypermarket stocks all the latest as well as the most beloved brands. If you are a coffee drinker, you will love the freshly ground coffee beans section that houses Arabica to Ethiopian coffee.

3. Skip the kitchen hours with Hello Chef

This unique meal delivery subscription app offers a variety of meals with pre-measured ingredients. You can customize the meals depending on your dietary preferences, like vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and so on. The meals are prepared by experienced chefs, with the food delivered right to your doorstep.

2. Only the freshest products on your plate with Kibsons

It is a known fact that most people overindulge during Ramadan. All that rich food, however, isn’t good as you do end up feeling more tired and lethargic during the day. Healthy, nutritious meals require fresh, high-quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products. The Kibsons mobile shopping app offers a hassle-free shopping experience with a wide variety of products and easy-to-your-door delivery service.

1. Eid clothes are gonna be a stunner with Namshi

Ramadan and Eid shopping go hand in hand. Namshi has made a name for itself as being the best place to shop for local and international brands. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, and home décor. Additionally, the fast delivery and easy returns make it a very attractive shop-from-home app.

PSA: Ensure the utmost safety in all your shopping with banking apps

Shopping online can be sometimes a risky thing if you are directly plugging in your bank account or credit card details. Instead, banking apps allow for a more secure and convenient shopping experience.

P.S. you may consider downloading the UN World Food Program app. The ShareTheMeal app allows you to make charitable contributions for as little as $0.80, which goes towards feeding hungry children around the world.


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