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StreetXO review: Our thoughts on the world’s best chef’s Dubai restaurant

StreetXO review: Our thoughts on the world’s best chef’s Dubai restaurant


Dubai’s most imaginative new restaurant where street food meets fine dining…

For the unacquainted, StreetXO emerges as the brainchild of culinary virtuoso, Chef Dabiz Muñoz. Renowned for his illustrious Madrid establishment, DiverXO, which boasts three Michelin Stars, Muñoz has been heralded as the Best Chef in the World by Best Chef Awards for three consecutive years.

His newest culinary canvas, situated on the 4th floor of the chic One&Only One Za’abeel, offers a more casual and accessible dining experience compared to its elusive Madrid counterpart. To say we were excited to step enter the vibrant world of StreetXO would be an understatement…

The spacious restaurant is a punk-rockers paradise – a riot of chaos and surprise – spread across a single floor. It features a standout bar, adorned with neon lights proclaiming, ‘candy is dandy but liquor is quicker,‘ which immediately catches the eye; an impressive and inviting open kitchen; a main dining area featuring suspended tables and whimsical acrobatic sculptures; as well as an outdoor terrace with its own bar.

Chef Muñoz’s creative expression is evident in all aspects, not just with the menu but with the design, the music, and the cocktails. Take a seat at one of the coveted spots at the kitchen counter, order a spicy margarita (Dhs80), and get ready to witness the culinary magic unfold before your eyes.

We shared a selection of starters so we could experience a range of the avant-garde dishes. The sweet and sour Hamachi tiradito (Dhs125) is a perfect way to start the meal, with thin slices of Hamachi bathed in a passion fruit leche de tigre balanced with a spicy Peruvian mojo. With each bite, the textures, flavours, and heat intensified, making it a truly memorable dish.

The taco de pulpo (Dhs75) is another must-try. From the rich buttery notes of the morita mole to the juicy freshness of the tree tomato gazpacho, the salty kick of Parmesan cheese, and the Robata-grilled octopus, every element worked in perfect harmony.

Not all the wacky creations hit the mark, though. The paella with chicken (Dhs150) disappointed with an overpowering richness of black garlic, saffron, and excessive caviar. Instead, order the wonton kebab (Dhs90): a soul-satisfying warm deep fried lamb wonton served with corn ribs on a bed of mint yogurt cream and drizzled with sweet and sour sauce exemplifies Muñoz’s creativity and ability to combine flavours.

One of the most memorable parts of our StreetXO dining experience was the interaction with the chefs, with the opportunity to meet a different chef with every course. As the night progresses, the fun RNB soundtrack gets louder but never distracts us from the stars of the show: the food and drinks. On that note, we order another cocktail, this time we try the ceviche sour (Dhs95), tequila-based ‘liquid ceviche’ with red onion and coriander cordial and served with a crispy salmon skin. It may sound fishy but it’s oh so delicious.

Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, our eyes make room for the Fluido dessert (Dhs75). I’d go back solely to eat this again. It was just so good. A warm white chocolate and egg yolk lava cake with Tom Cha ice cream and coconut crumble transports us back to our childhood and polishes off the evening in the most magical way.

Verdict: You might not love every single thing you try but you will love the fun and inimitable dishes, the chefs, the infectious vibe, the enthusiastic service, and one of the best cocktail menus in the city.

StreetXO, Level 4, Garden, One&Only One Za’abeel. Daily, 6pm to 12am. Tel:(0)4 666 1617. streetxo.com

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