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Team What’s On pick their favourite things in the UAE right now

Team What’s On pick their favourite things in the UAE right now


These are our favourite things in the UAE right now…

Discovering new gems in Dar Wasl like… Berenjak

It’s a testament to the strength of the Dubai food scene when international brands now seek out Dubai as a destination for expansion. London-born JKS Captial have done just that with Berenjak, a popular Persian restaurant in the British capital that they’ve recently opened at Dar Wasl. The unlicensed eatery is a beautiful space of emerald velvets, dark woods and twinkling chandeliers, creating a gorgeous setting to dine on flavourful hummus, tender lamb kebabs and inhale outrageous amounts of still-warm bread. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Toasting to the end of the week in dry(ish) January with… Wild Idol

Disclaimer alert: I broke dry January. Although, disclaimer part two, it was never my plan to go fully teetotal this month. But in the spirit of embracing a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been staying off the sauce a lot more at dinners and events since getting back from the Christmas break. So what better way to wind into the weekend after another busy few days than with a glass of alcohol-free sparkling? Step forward Wild Idol, natural and alcohol free, this premium bubbly is a great Friday night tipple, that still means I can make a Saturday morning spin class. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Enjoying season two of Reacher with… Prime Video

It’s difficult to have a conversation about streaming without mentioning Netflix, but one service that really doesn’t seem to get the props it deserves, is Amazon’s Prime Video. It’s got so much quality content on there for adults and kids, great movies and applause worthy Original series —Dead Ringers, it has the full nine seasons ofThe AmericanOffice; Jack Ryan; Parks N Rec; The Marvellous Mrs Maisel; Wheel of Time; Goliath; FleaBag; Night Sky; The Man in High Castle; and my latest fave for downloading and watching on the treadmill,Reacher. It’s an adaption of the popular Lee Childs literary character and it’s an absolute banger. It’s Jason Bourne with sarcastic quips. Peak popcorn TV. – Miles Buckeridge, Deputy Editor


Cycling in the best ‘frames’ of mind with… Bose Audio Sunglasses

I love a little weekend cycle, leisurely, mountain bike-bound and with a complete absence of paint-on lycra. But one bit of equipment, that I have fallen in love with – is the Bose Frames. Cycling with a big pair of bins on just feels a bit negligencey. And the benefit of the audio playing sunglasses, is that there’s no noise cancelling – your ear canals remain unblocked, and in addition to an audiobook, banger packed playlist or podcast, you can hear everything going on around you (squeals of pedestrians, shouts of “stay in your lane” from other, gruffer, actively lycra-clad peloton fiends). I’m just not prepared to Google what witchcraft is at play that makes them function so well. Some sorts of physics are better left unknown. – Miles Buckeridge, Deputy Editor


Packing my weekend into a duffel from… Beis

Gorgeous weather and lingering festive feels ensure you’re always on the lookout for your next weekend getaway. I received a beautiful travel duffel from a thoughtful friend earlier this week, since one of my New Year resolutions is to stop being a homebody all the time and get out more. Tough, stylish, and just the right size to pack in everything you need (and leave out everything you don’t) – get your hands on one of these. Guaranteed to fit in your trunk even if you drive a zippy little coupe. – Dinesh Ramanathan, Deputy Editor – What’s On Abu Dhabi


Not being a plain Jane (John?) anymore…with Silver King

New year shopping means looking for things that will bring a smile on people’s faces without breaking the bank, and a classy piece of silver is something I personally love as a gift, both to receive (naturally) and to surprise others with. Silver King has a fabulous assortment of chains, rings, bracelets, charms and more, suitable for friends, family, and even children. You’d be surprised at how affordable these are, and they have stores across the UAE. – – Dinesh Ramanathan, Deputy Editor – What’s On Abu Dhabi


Taking in the most stunning views of Dubai from… Cloud 22

Like most people, I have a personal list of places I hope to make it to someday, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have made to tick off several of them in my time at What’s On. Last weekend, I managed to take the iconic Cloud 22 inside Atlantis the Royal off my wishlist. Rooftop pool in Dubai? I know. Groundbreaking. But rooftop pools and Dubai go together like cheese and wine. And I can confirm that Cloud 22 is even more dreamy from up close as it is from afar. The combination of views, impeccable food, service, and attention to detail is pretty hard to beat. It’s set the bar quite high for future daycations in 2024.  – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter


Celebrating like the French at… Odeon

One of the beautiful things about living in the UAE is being exposed to so many different religious holidays and traditions – any excuse for a party! Last weekend, on Three Kings Day, I revisited one of our favourite homegrown restaurants, Odeon. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Thomas and Morgane Duhamel, the traditional French restaurant is located in Jumeirah 3, a stroll away from the beach perfect for post-dinner walks. Once you drag yourself away from the market, fromagerie, and patisserie downstairs, head up to the restaurant and indulge in their tasty French dishes including cordon bleu and duck a l’orange. During the epiphany season in France, it’s tradition to serve a Galette des Rois – a French pastry made of layers of flaky puff pastry filled with almond cream. Whoever gets the slice with the hidden ‘good luck’ trinket gets to be king or queen for the day.  It was my first Galette des Rois but certainly won’t be my last (the Odeon effect maybe?). – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter


Having a piece of jewellery permanently welded to me thanks to… Aglaiia

My very first day back in Dubai this week my best friend arranged a late Christmas present for me (technically us.) It was an appointment at Aglaiia, a permanent jeweller. Now the concept might seem a bit daunting to those with attachment and commitment issues but basically, the task is very simple: choose from a range of gold or silver chains, test out the sizing and zap. A piece of welded jewellery is now attached to you for (hopefully) forever. It wasn’t a scary task considering her and I have been together since birth. So now while she studies abroad, and I work away here in Dubai we will have a tiny piece of metal attached to us, as a reminder of each other indefinitely. Or until the chain hooks onto something and breaks off – but I don’t want to be a pessimist. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter


Arriving at my desk with a cute surprise with… Mina Al Sheikhly mascara

I’m not entirely sure how and when the mascara arrived on my desk but this week when I came back into the office I was welcomed with a pretty little burgundy box. I’ve never really dabbled in the world of coloured mascara, although I have genuinely always wanted to.  I’ve always loved the way blue-black mascara looked, I knew that coloured mascara was a thing but I didn’t know I would love burgundy mascara as much as I do now. The hint of the red suits my brown eyes really well and I know for a fact I’ll be diving into other colours as soon as this one is finished. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter


Feeling all cool and mysterious at… Moonshine

I’m firmly a going-out-rather-than-stayingin kind of person and when I got the chance to pay a visit to DIFC’s new speakeasy Moonshine, I took it, because that meant I’d be able to pull out a cute outfit, put on some makeup and talk smack with my friend. Ideal way to spend my Sunday evening. Moonshine is just the kind of place for that – creative drinks, delicious bites to go with, and an inside-club kind of vibe that completes the package. – Manaal Fatimah, Junior Online Reporter


Appreciating the peace of silence with the… Sony WH-1000XMF headphones

Small disclaimer – these are outrageously pricey and I don’t endorse irresponsible spending (maybe I do a little bit, but I prefer ignorance in that matter). These headphones have been my commute companion on the daily, and not only is the sound quality incredible, the noise cancelling feature is so good, sometimes I leave them without music to fall asleep. Especially effective against crying children on public transport. – Manaal Fatimah, Junior Online Reporter


Images: Instagram/ Unsplash

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