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The Customs Fee On Goods Over AED300 Has Been Scrapped

The Customs Fee On Goods Over AED300 Has Been Scrapped


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The newly established January 1 customs fee on goods valued over AED 300 has been suspended and customs fees will revert to their original pricing structure, according to the Khaleej Times. In an email announcement by Dubai Customs, going forward, the customs fee will be on goods valued over AED1000.

The move is effective from March 1

Kindly be informed that Paragraph (a) of Article (2) of Customs Notice 5/2022 related to exemption of consignments with value not exceeding AED 300/- has been suspended, and that it is has been decided to re-establish the previous threshold for exemption of parcels/shipments of AED 1,000/- effective 01-March-2023 until further notice.

What is the rate of Customs duty in Dubai?

5% of the value CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) value (of goods over 1,000) except for alcohol and cigarettes. 50% Duty payable for alcohol while 100% for cigarettes.

Residents are required to pay 5% import customs duty and 5% VAT

Read more customs FAQs here


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