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The cutest new instagrammable café just opened on Yas Island

The cutest new instagrammable café just opened on Yas Island


Eat, drink and snap to your heart’s content…

London’s own famous EL&N café just opened on Yas Island, its second outlet in the UAE after the DIFC location. This adds to a trend of ‘instagrammable’ cafes in the UAE, eateries known chiefly for their visual aesthetic and marketability via digital media.

True to its category, EL&N has gained mass recognition around the world, after its visual appeal drove a spike in social media standings owing to its unique concept, theme and branding, building a dedicated fan base of loyal customers.

With 12 outlets around the world including this one, the location in Yas will have your eyes popping out in glee with the signature pink décor coming to life aplenty. In addition to pink wallpaper, serving counters and ornamental effects are also presented in various floral hues that bring the brand’s visual identity to the fore while you’re enjoying your meal or having a sip of tea.

The interior is also intricately decked out in bunches of pink floral arrangements, adding a splash of colour from wall to wall. Lastly, a look to the skies will have you marvelling at floral delights yet again, with the roof beautifully garnished in a floral fiesta like none other.

A cute dollhouse-like café that we believe will have customers lingering on long after they’ve completed their meals, make sure your phone batteries and appetites are both at 100% when you decide to stop by and enjoy a café experience like none other in Abu Dhabi. Pro tip: Dress to complement the décor, for the ‘gram.

Enjoy a better look at: @elan_cafe

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