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The UAE Announced 50% Off On Unpaid COVID-19 Fines

The UAE Announced 50% Off On Unpaid COVID-19 Fines


Although it’s been forever and a day since people wore masks, applied hand sanitiser like it was perfume and wore gloves even when it wasn’t cold out but people are still talking about the unprecedented times of COVID-19.

The number of rules UAE residents had to follow was a lot There were rules about how many people could sit in a car, stand in the elevator, can go inside a shop and more. The masks were just the worst and wearing them during the summer months was unbearable. And the PCR tests that Abu Dhabi residents had to endure every week or so… basically, it was a tough period and no one wishes to relive it.

Many were slapped with hefty fines for violating the COVID-19 guidelines that went unpaid to this day and in a bid to encourage people to clear their dues, NCEMA made an announcement.

The UAE announced a 50% discount on COVID-19 penalties

The discount will start from March 15 and last for 2 months

Any unpaid violations committed during the pandemic can be paid with 50% off. The authority urged the public to pay through the official website and smart app of the Ministry of Interior, and those of the local police.

In November 2022, the UAE government lifted all precautionary measures related to COVID-19.

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