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This Arts Night will transform DIFC into an open-air masterpiece

This Arts Night will transform DIFC into an open-air masterpiece


DIFC Arts Nights returns…

Art season is officially in the air, and this week you can experience all the artistic fun at DIFC Arts Night.

Now in its 17th edition, the biannual Art Nights event returns for two days on Thursday, March 7 and 8 showcasing the creativity of local and international artists. Works of art across all mediums will be displayed in the heart of the district of Dubai.

The art event is one of the key events in Dubai’s art and culture calendar and transforms the financial hub into a creativity hotspot. Visitors will be able to see works of art from both local and international artists, spanning all ages and backgrounds.

Expect to see artworks in all forms from the visual arts, painting, sculpture, photography, design, murals and even film.

Besides art, visitors will be able to partake in panel talks (see below), see art performances and shop at pop-ups (including FLTRD) at the venue. You can also interact with the art galleries, artists, and artworks within the urban space including Christie’s Middle East, MIA Art, and Dynowish.

At Christie’s on March 7, you can catch a special panel on How to Start Your Art Collection which will address everything from research to market analysis, tips on collecting art and managing it for the next generation. You will also be able to attend a session attended virtually by Mara Romero Kahlo, President of Frida Kahlo Foundation on Frida Kahlo Reimagined: From Iconic Canvases to Fashion and Digital Realms by Istituto Marangoni. 

And on March 8m there’s a special panel discussion on Reshaping Narratives: Empowering Women Through Art on International Women’s Day which discusses the role of art in empowering women.

DIFC Arts Nights is a biannual event, so expect another art fair towards the end of 2024. Dates will be announced later this year. Visit this link to stay up to date with all art events and festivals in Dubai in 2024

DIFC Art Nights, Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai, March 7 and 8, 6pm to 10pm, free entry, @difc

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