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This Inspiring Dubai Trio Has Nearly Crossed The Atlantic And They Need Your Support

This Inspiring Dubai Trio Has Nearly Crossed The Atlantic And They Need Your Support


The inspiring Arabian Ocean Team continue to row their way through rough waters

The inspiring trio behind the Arabian Ocean Rowing team continue their heroic journey rowing across the atlantic battling waves that skyrocket up to 40ft, whilst running on empty!

James Raley, Rai Tamagnini and Toby Gregory have taken to their Instagram to finally give us an update on their 5,000 km rowing journey in “something the size of a shoe box” and we are definitely in awe…

The in-depth narration of their journey will have you right there with them in the middle of the atlantic.

This whole adventure has been an interesting one to process. Not just because we’re totally disconnected from everything but also because we’ve had to get used to living in something the size of a shoe box.
We move around in an area roughly 4 meters by 170cm!
Then there’s the movement. Everything moves all the time. Even when you’re trying to sleep the items hung on the side swing back and forth.
When there’s rough weather outside all you hear is the sound of waves smashing against the boat.
We have now been on the boat for well over 30 days and as we get closer and closer to Antigua the fatigue and aches are really starting to set in.
It’s been an amazing life changing journey and one which will take a while to process. So while we work with the ocean to get ourselves to Antigua quickly – we are also savoring ever moment.
See the whales 🐳 two days ago was a real highlight. We’ve seen a couple on the journey so far but these we epic.

Food for thought

The trio’s fast progress across the ocean has allowed them to now be able to choose their meals which has helped lift their spirits through this tough journey: “Eating well means that we’re maintaining our weight rather than losing too much. At first the weight dropped off is and now it’s stabilised.” said the team on their Instagram page.

They’re continuing their journey of collecting samples to raise public awareness around plastic pollution

We are also now collecting samples every 100 miles. Which will be fascinating to examine once back. It’s incredible what the net picks up.

People are enamored by their journey too..

Their followers have grown super enamored by their journey and are following their every step


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