Home Featured This Restaurant With Picture Perfect Views Is An Incredible Spot For Iftar In Dubai

This Restaurant With Picture Perfect Views Is An Incredible Spot For Iftar In Dubai

This Restaurant With Picture Perfect Views Is An Incredible Spot For Iftar In Dubai


Want to experience iftar and suhoor in a place that feels like home?

Amaya in Dubai Mall is famous for its refined dining experience, the name, which literally means ‘pleasant place’ is a fusion of art and cuisine, crafted using the finest ingredients by an incredible team dedicated to making your Amaya experience unforgettable.

Amaya is a distinctive lifestyle that takes you on a voyage of discovery through a variety of international cuisine thanks to culinary wonders prepped by an incredible team. And they’re all prepped to wow you this Ramadan… For hospitality, generosity, and exquisite flavours… look NO further!

AMAYA is located in Dubai Mall, with picture-perfect Burj Khalifa views

Amazing Magical Atmosphere You Awesome – AMAYA puts people first and stands for Amazing Magical Moments in a unique Atmosphere for You to enjoy with Awesome energy

The concept was developed by renowned restaurateur, Murat Tütüncü and production expert Mohamed Ezzat. AMAYA’s interiors were designed by contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky, who dedicated special care to the wall art and the distinct art pieces that brighten the space.

The restaurant is embellished with modern art pieces that are sure to steal your gaze the moment you enter this magnificent space. Plus, their outdoor seating also has stunning views of the Burj Khalifa!

Amaya’s lounge vibe is perfectly designed to make you feel right at home, spending quality time with your loved ones as you break your fast

The menu lineup is as delicious as it sounds…perhaps even more

Amaya’s Ramadan Flavours are priced at AED 179 per person, and it includes some refreshing Ramadan juice!

Soups, a selection of cold mezzehs like stuffed vine leaves, Baba Ghanoush, Antep Ezme, Khyar Bi Laban; hot mezzehs like Kebbeh and Pacanga Borek; and a wide array of salads.

Their main course options include Lamb Ouzi with oriental rice, okra stew with lamb chunks and saffron rice, and chicken Maqluba among some others! And you can end on a delightful sweet note with tempting suggestions like Umm ali, Mulhabia and Gullac!

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry to Amaya for your Iftar or Suhoor meals…or maybe even both!

Book it in now!

This article is in collaboration with Amaya


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