Home Explore UAE This super cool Yas Bay cafe is offering free coffee to celebrate its launch

This super cool Yas Bay cafe is offering free coffee to celebrate its launch

This super cool Yas Bay cafe is offering free coffee to celebrate its launch


Views, brews and bright gastronomic hues…

Just when you thought Yas Bay was all out of fresh culinary concepts, out pops – Drop, a cafe that specialises in quality, gourmet coffee, officially opening its doors on Monday, March 7, 2022.

But it’s not just fancy percolation methods, and a premium bean scene, there are big reasons foodies will fall in love with Drop too. The menu was created in collaboration with Dubai cheffing legend, Reif Othman — who you may know from a number of hard-to-get-reservations-for dining establishments that include Reif Kushiyaki and Tero by Reif.

To celebrate the grand opening, they’ll be dishing out free coffees between March 7 and March 13, for everyone dining at the venue. There’s also a DJ ‘dropping’ fresh beats as a backdrop to the epic eats, especially for the launch weekend (March 11 to 13).

The importance of bean

If you’ve visited the Dubai location in A Wasl already, you’ll have some idea of what to expect. Central to what makes Drop, slap — is the quality of content. Within the modern, immaculately designed interior — it’s the coffee that plays the lead, with the finest imported beans being roasted daily and an understanding that, without expert baristas to prepare and serve them, that almost counts for nothing.

The team at Drop Yas Bay has been hand-picked with representatives from such coffee connoisseur capitals as Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, and Uganda. So however you like your coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening, Drop has got a whole latte experience in making that pour.

Taste making

Hungry? Look we know, there are already plenty of places to get great food in Yas Bay, but your decision on where to eat just got tougher.

The breakfast menu has highlights that include a pancake sandwich with fried eggs; crispy cauliflower and kale salad, avocado mash with feta cheese; and Drop’s signature breakfast which is pretty much an English breakfast, with a little more *raises pinky finger* – eggs, baked beans, beef bacon, grilled chicken sausage, and sourdough bread.

Elsewhere in the culinary collection, you can dive into chicken schnitzel with avocado salad; the Drop burger; grilled tiger prawns; grilled steak with fried eggs; and an authentic ensemble of pasta options. Prices start at around Dhs55.

Yas Bay, Mon to Fri 8am to 11pm, Sat to Sun 8am to 2am. @wearedropcoffee

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