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UAE Residents Can Now Earn A Second Salary With This New Initiative

UAE Residents Can Now Earn A Second Salary With This New Initiative


UAE is aiming for another superlative… BEST retirement plans!

And as part of this initiative, National Bonds, the UAE’s leading Shari’a-compliant savings and investment company, today announced the launch of Second Salary.

The Second Salary is a new initiative to help individuals generate supplementary income

If you’re looking to spend a good long time in the UAE you need to get in on this!


6. The Scheme is open to UAE nationals and UAE residents

Second Salary is a customised savings solution created for the UAE’s National and Expat population.


5. This is a first-of-its-kind savings plan

Second Salary aims to empower people by offering a personalised additional income-generating solution to ensure that individuals continue to enjoy their desired lifestyle.

The plan is the first part of a long-term program aiming to provide the best retirement plans in UAE.


4. The new Second Salary plan comprises of two main phases: the Saving and Income phase

The “Saving” phase: customers place money into National Bonds every month over a period of their choosing between 3 and 10 years,

The “Income” phase: The customer begins to draw income every month. In this phase, customers receive their base investment amount monthly plus their accumulated profit.

For example, if customers save AED 5,000 monthly for 10 years, they could expect to receive AED 7,500 monthly for the subsequent 10 years. Similarly, if customers were to save AED 5,000 per month for 5 years, but choose to redeem within a period of the next 3 years, they could take home a monthly amount of AED 10,020 for three years– more than double the monthly savings.


3. Customers who opt for Second Salary need to place a minimum monthly investment of AED 1,000 for a minimum period of 3 years

It’s like an investment for your future!


2. Customers can also choose to redeem their savings as a lump sum instead of monthly payments to fulfil their financial goals such as payment of education fees, downpayment for a house or for investments

With complete flexibility provided to customers over the amount and tenure of the savings and salary phases, customers can devise their Second Salary plan to create the safety of a supplementary monthly income for the future.


1. Customers also get access to National Bonds’ attractive AED 35 million rewards program with significantly enhanced chances of winning by up to 30 times, based on the length of the savings term they choose

In addition to economic empowerment, Second Salary customers have the opportunity to boost their financial well-being with exciting rewards and cash prizes from National Bonds


For more information about Second Salary, download the mobile app from Google and Apple stores or visit Second Salary (nationalbonds.ae)

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