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Watch Mario make the first ever 3D takeover of the Burj Khalifa this week

Watch Mario make the first ever 3D takeover of the Burj Khalifa this week


Nintendo’s turt-crusher-in-chief levels up the Burj display game…

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that a certain mustachioed Italian plumber and his brother have got a movie coming out very soon (April 20, just in time for the Eid break).

How you feel about that particular piece of imminent release information is likely strongly flavoured by the following: Any history of being clattered by a blue shell inches away from the finish line in Mario Kart; how many hours in your formative years were sunk into the original trilogy/Mario 64/Mario World/Mario Galaxy/Mario Odyssey (delete according to appropriate generational zeitgeisting); and how amusing you find yeeted turt shells.

Completed it mate

The Super Mario Bros. Movie voice cast is piping hot — Chris Pratt plays Maio, Charlie Day is in as Luigi, mushroom-topped Toad is vocied by Keegan-Michael Key, Princess Peach’s chords are plucked by Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black is arch baddy Bowser, and Seth Rogen puts in a shift as the mouthpiece for Donkey Kong.

Having seen it, we’re fairly confident The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be a super smash at the box office, its hilarious – rich with Nintendo legacy and lore — and the only question mark left over the release, will be on the side of the box that holds the five invincibility stars. Honestly, strongest feature-length videogame movie, ever.


As part of the build up to ‘Issa me-Day’, Mario will be gobbling the zoom-shrooms in order to take on his highest ever level — the Burj Khalifa. At 7.30pm on Thursday April 13, 2023 — Mario and his entourage will be taking over the LED display of the world’s tallest building, for the BK’s first ever ‘3D take over’ — for the showing of the trailer.

Take a Bow(ser)

But wait… there’s more. There’s also an interactive competition from April 13. Head down to the Roxy Cinema on The Beach, JBR between the April 13 and 23— there you’ll find a giant questionmarked mystery box (and who amongst us can resist the call of the mystery box?). Your challenge is to guess what’s in the box, find the QR code and submit your selection for a chance to win.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is released nationwide on April 20. 

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