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Wednesday Is Trending #1 On Netflix UAE And Dubai Loves It!

Wednesday Is Trending #1 On Netflix UAE And Dubai Loves It!


Wednesday’s child is full of woe… No school strong enough has been built to capture this little storm cloud, but it looks like she has captured the hearts of Nevermore and the UAE!

Wednesday, a spinoff from the infamous sadistic, dark and humourous Addams family has been trending #1 on Netflix UAE and globally for the past 2 weeks and Dubai is certainly in love with it!

Not that she holds any regard for this “soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.”

Featuring big names like Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christina Ricci, the show has broken the Stranger Things 4 record as the #1 Most Watched Series on Netflix

Clocking in 341.2 million hours in its first seven days, the comic murder mystery has definitely got its audience addicted.

With 8 episodes that last over 50 minutes each, it’s bound to get you hooked, like this user who finished in 2 days!

FYI, this writer has broken this record (in one sitting)

Over the past week Google searches for Jenna Ortega have been very high, and she gained over 10 million followers over 10 days

Even if you hate the series, can’t deny that Ortega’s acting was a definite hit

But the greatest hype has been for the Wednesday Dance

We love to see Jenna Ortega killing those crazy moves with no social anxiety. True Queen Behaviour.

You know it’s gone really viral when Lady Gaga recreates it

Safe to say, everyone’s waiting to see what new things unfurl at Nevermore in Season 2

And if you haven’t watched it yet… get going because Wednesday is here for the long run!


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