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Winter In The UAE Will Officially Begin On December 22

Winter In The UAE Will Officially Begin On December 22


Can you feel it in the air?!

Winter is HERE. Well, to be exact, winters in the UAE will officially commence on Thursday, December 22, at 1:48am local time and continue until Monday, March 20. Essentially, UAE residents will get to enjoy three months of solid pleasant winter months before the heat starts to settle in again.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Astronomy Society, a member of the Arab Federation for Astronomy and Space Sciences, said in a statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, that “the UAE and the northern half of the earth will witness the shortest daytime, the longest nighttime, and polar night in the Polar Circle from December 18 to 25.

During this period, daylight will last 10 hours and 34 minutes from sunrise until sunset, coinciding with the winter solstice on December 22.”

Time to layer up your cosy winterwear because winter will reach its peak during this time, especially between mid-December to mid-February

Al Jarwan added,

“The minimum temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas and below 10 degrees Celsius in the desert and mountainous regions. The temperature may go down to zero degree Celsius at heights above 1800 meters. The region is also affected by cold air masses from time to time that will further decrease temperatures.”

ALAS, “by the end of the season, temperatures will climb again and reach highs of 32 degrees Celsius.”

Moreover, “the average rainfall is expected to exceed 80 mm. This will be 75% more than the total rainfall during the year. Various herbs and truffles are expected to grow on the mountain slopes during this period.”

Every time UAE residents hear news of the rain:

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