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You now need a permit to go recreational fishing in Abu Dhabi

You now need a permit to go recreational fishing in Abu Dhabi


It was announced by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi…

Love fishing in Abu Dhabi? It’s a fun activity enjoyed by many, but before you cast that next line, best get your permits in order.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has just announced that in order to regulate recreational fishing in Abu Dhabi, a permit from EAD will be required.

The move according to EAD is to regulate recreational fishing in Abu Dhabi with an aim to promote marine fishing sports. The permit will be required by recreational fishermen and the organisers of marine fishing competitions.

Without the EAD permit, no one is allowed to practice the activity. This includes fishing activities that include the use of ‘line and hooks or spear guns while practising free diving or by any other methods specified by EAD, whereas conducting marine fishing competitions is limited to legal persons working in the field of marine activities.’

How to apply?

A license request application must be submitted with all the necessary documents. Applicants can pick from either an annual license or a weekly license which can be submitted through the Tamm government services portal here.

Applicants should not be under 18 years old, however, those below 18 will be able to join an adult holding a valid fishing license. The license is non-transferable and must only be used by the licensee.

For marine fishing competitions, organisers need to be responsible for ‘safeguarding the event by providing necessary arrangements, tools and equipment for security and safety and any other requirements specified by EAD.’

All documentation will need to be provided in addition to the type and quantity of the targeted species, fishing tools and gears used in the competition and the number of participants. EAD will further lay out terms and conditions which need to be followed by the event organisers.

For more information, visit ead.gov.ae

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